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Increasing Growth Without The Headcount Using Ad Orbit

Palm Beach Media Group x Ad Orbit: Case Study

Todd Schmidt, COO at Palm Beach Media Group shares his experience switching over to Ad Orbit, how the software is helping enable growth without increasing headcount, and ways his team is using the Client Portal to provider a better experience for advertisers.

Before Ad Orbit:

“We can’t afford to miss another Ad. We’ve got to get better software!”

After Ad Orbit:

“In the past year, we completed four acquisitions. We still only have two production coordinators who collect all material for our now 96 issues per year. With Ad Orbit’s automated reminders and material requests, it’s easy for them to manage.”

Palm Beach Media Group started out by using Ad Orbit’s core feature set (CRM, Order Entry, Production, Billing). Changing operations software is difficult and time-consuming. With PBMG’s move to Ad Orbit, the team can expand and grow naturally into the application without needing to purchase third-party software or consider a time-consuming and costly wholesale change.

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