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Astro's Stellar Features

call transcription

Call Transcription
& Summarization

Turn hours of sales calls into easy-to-read summaries. Perfect for managers and meeting prep.

email personalization

Email Personalization at Scale

Leverage Astro to write messaging that resonates with your prospects, leads, and opportunity contacts.

report generation

Intelligent Report Generation

Query your database using natural language and get the metrics you need to better plan your pipeline.

Your New AI Sales Assistant from Ad Orbit

Are you using AI in your current ad sales workflow?

If you’re like most publishers we talk to, you’ve probably pieced together a solution that mixes AI-powered platforms.

While ChatGPT is an amazing tool, it’s not specifically designed for sales teams.

That’s why we created Astro, our AI-powered sales assistant for Ad Orbit. With Astro, you can leverage the power of AI right inside our platform.

If you’re ready to take your ad sales to the next level, schedule a demo today.

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Everything You Need,
From Contracts to Cash

Ad Orbit (formerly known as MagHub) empowers ad sales and publishing teams with a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline their workflow. Our industry-specific CRM, efficient ad operations management, robust reporting, and customizable billing interface combine forces to propel you towards unparalleled success. 

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