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The Top Media Conferences of 2024 (and Why You Should Attend)

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Written by Nick Pataro

Published: 01/15/2024

For media professionals and publishers, staying at the forefront of the rapidly changing media landscape is not just an aspiration, it’s a business imperative.

In a digital environment that’s more connected and competitive than ever, high-quality conferences provide a crucial forum for learning, networking, and discovering the latest trends.

But with a calendar full of potential events, which ones should you have on your radar for 2024?

This comprehensive guide outlines the top media conferences that promise to offer both immediate value and a potential paradigm shift in media strategies. Additionally, we’ll explore the reasons why attending these events is essential for professionals looking to drive innovation, enhance their careers, and forge new industry connections.


Orlando, FL | January 31 – Feb 2

The Independent Co-Op Mail Dealers Association’s annual conference is the perfect platform for publishers looking to up their game in the direct mail space.

Bringing together industry-leading experts, this event explores strategies for creating effective and eye-catching direct mail campaigns that deliver results.

The conference also provides ample opportunities for networking with other professionals in the field, sharing insights, and staying on top of emerging trends.


MediaGrowth Executive Summit

Tampa, FL | Feb 5-7, 2024

Want to learn how media companies are using AI & ChatGPT? Or what about advertisers expectations in 2024 and beyond? The MediaGrowth Summit has you covered.

This three-day event is designed for media executives looking to gain a competitive edge in the ever-changing landscape of digital media.

Attendees will have access to industry experts, thought-provoking sessions, and hands-on workshops that will equip them with the tools and insights needed to drive growth and innovation.

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Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS)

New Orleans, LA | Feb 29 – March 1

The AM&P is hosting its Business Information and Media Summit in New Orleans, LA this year, and it’s one event you won’t want to miss.

Focused on the business side of media, BIMS brings together top professionals for networking and learning opportunities that are essential for anyone involved in B2B publishing.

From marketing strategies to revenue models, attendees will leave with valuable insights and actionable ideas to take their businesses to the next level.

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Niche Media Conference

Chicago, IL | April 17-19

Boasting over 25 breakout sessions, plenty of incredible speakers, and targeted networking opportunities, the Niche Media Conference is a must-attend for any media professional looking to grow their publication.

Choose from the educational tracks designed for hybrid publishers, digital-only, sales, marketing and much more, to learn from experts and peers alike.

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Omeda OX7

Chicago, IL | May 15-17

Want to take in the sights and sounds of the Windy City while networking, connecting, and learning from some of the industry’s top leaders?

Then Omeda OX7 is the conference for you.

The Omeda Idea Exchange is designed to help industry newcomers and veterans understand the media landscape to better serve their customers, grow revenue, and drive engagement.

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City and Regional Magazine Association (CRMA)

Cleveland, OH | May 18-20

If you’re already a member of the CRMA, attendance at their annual conference is a bit of a no-brainer. Passes for your organization’s first attendee are free, and the event is packed with informational and educational sessions.

Sign up for workshops, network at the banquets, dinners and awards ceremonies, and find out what’s next for publishers.

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Alliance of Area Business Publishers (AABP)

Baton Rouge, LA | June 19-21

This year, the AABP is Louisiana-bound for its annual Summer Conference.

While the conference is designed to help publishers of regional and local business publications, it’s also a perfect event for those looking to network with other professionals in the field.

The AABP offers educational sessions tailored to the needs of niche publications, as well as ample opportunities for networking and information exchange.

Learn More Here

Ad Orbit Fall Forum

Ann Arbor, MI | September 16-18

We’d be remiss if we didn’t put our own annual conference on this list…

Whether you’re a current Ad Orbit user, thinking about making the switch, or just want to learn practical and tactical ways to ignite growth for your media brand – the Ad Orbit Fall Forum is the perfect place to be.

Over three days, we pack the itinerary with workshops, keynotes, and hands-on sessions with our ad operations experts that will help you maximize your use of Ad Orbit and take your brand to new heights.

Learn more below and register today!

Learn More Here

CRMA Roundtable

Chicago, IL | October 2-4

The CRMA Fall Roundtable is always one of our favorites. As the year winds down, and planning for the new year begins, it’s a great place to find fresh ideas, network with colleagues, and explore new strategies for growth.

Expect a mix of educational sessions covering everything from revenue models to content innovation, along with plenty of opportunities to connect with other publishers in your niche.

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AABP Roundtable

Chicago, IL | October 27-28

More intimate doesn’t always mean less value.

The AABP invites all members to attend their annual Roundtable, where attendees can dig into specific issues that they face in the media industry.

Roundtable discussions provide a forum for like-minded professionals to share ideas, challenges, and solutions in a collaborative environment.

Learn More Here

Niche Leadership Conference

Alexandria, VA | Nov 13-15

This year’s Niche Leadership Conference has one of the best lineups we’ve seen in a long time.

Nancy O’Brien, Associate Publisher at Aviation International News, Jennifer Watson-Laws, Senior Vice President of Sales at HW Media, and Eric Shanfelt, Founder/CEO of NearView Media (who spoke at Ad Orbit’s Fall Forum 2023) are already confirmed for the keynote sessions.

Couple that with the attendance of C-Suite and Executive-level media leaders, and you know that this is a must-attend event for any professional in the industry.

Learn More Here

PMA Annual Conference

Chicago, IL | October 16-19

The Parenting Media Association is a niche organization made up of parent and family-focused media companies.
Its annual conference is designed to help members navigate the ever-changing market for family publications, with sessions on editorial strategies, digital marketing tactics, and more.

This year’s event will be held in Chicago – a great excuse to visit a beautiful city while learning from the best!

Learn More Here

Why Conference Attendance is Crucial for Media Professionals

With the media landscape evolving at breakneck speed, conference attendance is not just valuable—it’s essential. Industry events provide a unique environment for skill-building, knowledge-sharing, and networking that online articles and tutorials simply cannot replicate.

For media professionals and publishers, these conferences represent a significant investment in the future of their careers and businesses.

An industry conference can offer more than a glimpse of future trends—it can facilitate the connections that turn opportunities into realities. Whether you’re charting a course for a traditional publishing house or pioneering new territory in the digital media realm, time spent at these events is time well invested.

Stay focused, stay informed, and stay connected. Make 2024 the year you experience the invaluable insight and inspiration that a top media conference can deliver. Remember, the media world doesn’t stop moving, and neither should you.

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