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Boogity! Boogity! Boogity! Aysling Goes Karting!

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 08/20/2018

The weather was humid, a slight mist could be felt in the air; today was, Race Day. The Aysling team gathered in the Ann Arbor offices at noon in preparation for the hour-long bus ride to Kart 2 Kart , our venue for today’s team outing. Our wonderful charter bus driver, Chuck, had our route planned out. In just under 90-minutes we would be on the slick indoor tracks, racing for bragging rights, and proving once and for all, who was the best kart driver at Aysling.

The hour-long bus ride flew by as we entertained ourselves with wonderful stories, great drinks, and Happy Gilmore playing in the background. By the time we had arrived we were ready to get out of our plush charter bus seats, and into a much more “race-friendly” seat that could be compared to a riding lawnmower seat (with a little more padding). After check-in, the first race was upon us. We threw on our Nomex hoods, helmets, and neck braces, as group one entered the track. Twelve of us entered, and only one would leave the first race victorious; after a close back and forth between the racers, our Director of Marketing, Zach Gilbert was the ultimate champion, if only for one race.

Race two was next, the second group was ready as group one sat down at the tables and recapped their last race. Similar to the previous race, group two had something to prove. In the end it came down to the remote employee, and interns going back and forth. In the end, our Intern, Travis Spuller was victorious.

Additional races continued until we were down for the grand final race. Eight minutes of 35mph go-karts, the best of the best (for that evening at least). If we thought the first couple of rounds were close, we hadn’t seen anything yet. All racers were off to a great start, a couple of crashes here and there, but all racers were showing their prowess behind the wheel. In the end though, it came down to our group two winners:

First Place: Senior Aysling Intern – Travis Spuller
Second Place: Senior Aysling Developer – Brook Williams
Third Place: Junior Aysling Intern – Arjun Lama

Though there could be only three winners for the podium, we all felt like champions after today’s races, and we had the pictures to prove it.

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