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Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 06/24/2020

Whether you are a first time visitor to the MagHub website or you have checked out our pages describing our magazine publishing software and our blog posts many times, there is a good chance you’ve missed a ton of great information: we do have a lot of pages, after all.

That changes now!

MagHub.com pages you may have missed (and now will return to again and again):

Why MagHub?

Why MagHub?

Looking for a publishing CRM or ERP and a little lost about what a publishing software platform such as ours can do for you? Check out our Why MagHub? page. On it you will find a short overview of the features – and especially the benefits – of our software. Spoiler: we are the ONE tool you need to manage your entire publishing enterprise, from sales and marketing, editorial/production, human resources, finance/administration, subscriptions/distribution, and more.

Webinars (we’ve held a few.)

We don’t have a webinar every few months. Neither do we have one a month. No, we have several webinars each month! Visit that link and you will also be able to view the many webinars we have held in the past (watch them for free, of course). Topics have included “CRM Time-Saving Tips,” “The Needs of B2B Publishers,” “Automation and More,” “Portals! Portals! Portals!”, and many more.


Our podcast.

That’s right: MagHub has its own podcast! Well, it is really the podcast of our Product Director, Tom Bellen. “Tom’s Tips Podcast” (clever title, we know!) is one in which Tom shares MagHub’s Monthly Release Notes. He also, of course, provides magnificent MagHub tips paired with random cat facts and obscure movie trivia questions.

MagHub Monday Video Series.

Want you and your sales team to get as much out of our CRM/ERP as possible? Then you need to watch our MagHub Monday videos. Our video series (presented by our Director of Sales, Nick Pataro) focuses on our platform’s features, offers time-saving tips, as well as ad sales best practices.

MagHub Monday

Conferences we attend.

With so many publishing conferences held each year throughout the country(s), we travel a lot so that we can meet our publishing customers/friends in person. We are not traveling much right now, of course, but you can count on seeing us at a publishing event near you as soon as they are held again. Curious if we are coming to an event near you? This map shows you where we have been (and where we will  probably be once conferences announce their dates).

Naturally, we hope you will explore our entire website. And, if you would like to learn more about the MagHub CRM/ERP, we want to hear from you!

Premier Guitar Case Study

Over the years, Premier Guitar has been an active user of MagHub, tuning their system with custom development projects to make the system their own. Learn about one of them today.

Never Stranded With MagHub

There loads of perks when using MagHub. Read our entertaining and quick whitepaper today to learn just a few of them!

Learn More About MagHub

Want to see MagHub in action? Or perhaps you just want more information. Whatever you you’re looking for, we’re here to help you. Click the button to request more information about MagHub, the only ERP for Media Publishers.

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