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Using Digital Publishing Software to Manage Your Publication

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 09/25/2018

You’re a publisher: you publish. And as a publisher, we figure the more you can focus on the actual editorial and creative aspects of digital publishing and the less you’ll have to focus on the actual magazine management (the administration, the sales and contact management, the never-ending details) the happier you’ll be.

Besides, the online magazine industry is booming: it will see possibly as much as $13.7 billion in revenue by 2022! And let’s not forget print: while ninety-one percent of U.S. adults read digital publications, hard copy still pulls them in: the top 25 print magazines see more adults/teens reading them than the top 25 primetime televisions programs have adults/teens watching them.

And here’s an interesting fact: you don’t need to publish an actual online magazine to venture into digital publishing: even just putting together a blog via WordPress (or another blogging platform), and publishing valuable and informative content can result in even a B2B startup or consumer product/service seeing quantitative benefits (as in more customers/revenue).

Print and online publishers are in great positions today. Let’s help you get as much of that revenue as possible by providing you with a publishing CRM that can help you with magazine management, thereby allowing you to focus on what you do best: publishing a great publication for your readers.

Here’s How Our CRM Helps Print and Digital Publications Thrive

Our MagHub software:

  • Keeps accurate customer data history.
  • Supports and tracks sales pipelines.
  • Watches your sales teams’ productivity.
  • Helps you acquire and retain new customers.

A handful of the many MagHub features:

  • Custom integrations with Adobe, Microsoft, MediaRadar, and other online tools critical to your digital publishing success.
  • Works seamlessly with MailChimp and Constant Contact, making it all the easier for you to send your prospects newsletters, offers, and links to your articles/blog posts.
  • You can delete payments/invoices yet still create reports on those deleted items.
  • We can create custom features for your particular publication or company.
  • Use MagBuilder, our own core-component, fully integrated layout/pagination tool. You also can use a custom Adobe InDesign plugin: it integrates directly with MagHub.
  • We offer on-site training, support documents, monthly webinars, and our popular MagHub University sessions. All of this is in addition for the many resources we provide in our Help Center.
  • And much more. Really. A LOT more!)

Bottom line: the digital publishing industry is booming and our MagHub CRM and publishing software is here to help you manage your print and digital publications, helping you not only create the actual publication, but also aiding you in managing your customers, sales, and marketing… and increasing your readership.

Contact us today for more information.

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