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Five Best Ad Servers

Written by Aysling

Published: 03/08/2022

What is an ad server?

Ad servers are used to manage and display online advertising to users on a website. They allow publishers, advertisers, and ad agencies to manage online advertising campaigns. They make immediate decisions about what ads to place on a website and then display those ads.

Ad servers also collect and report data – such as impressions and clicks – for advertisers to help them see how their ads are performing.

Both publishers and advertisers can take advantage of ad servers. Publishers can use them to help manage advertising space on their websites and to show ads that have been sold to advertisers. The ad server is responsible for making decisions about what ads to display on a website using certain criteria, displaying those ads, and then gathering data about the ads.

Advertisers can use ad servers to track their advertising campaigns. The servers collect data on the ads and on different metrics, such as impressions and clicks. The ad server can be used to pull together all of the information for various advertising across all the publishers and ad networks and other platforms that the advertiser is running ads on.

Running ads on multiple sites

Ad servers enable companies to efficiently run ads on multiple websites by ensuring that both ad management and reporting are done from a central location.

By keeping all the advertising on an ad server, companies don’t need to work individually with each publisher every time they make a change to their ads. Anytime they want to make changes, they can do it from this single platform. By centralizing all of the ads on the ad server, companies can cut costs and get greater value from their advertising investment.

Ad servers also allow companies to collect important data. They can see who their customers are and what interests them.

The ad servers allow companies to consolidate all of their data in one place, enabling them to make informed decisions about how to reach customers and tailor the ads to their particular needs.

What is the best ad server?

Here are five that can lay claim to that title.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager

This is an ad management platform for large publishers who have large numbers of direct sales. The ad manager provides detailed controls and supports a number of different ad exchanges and networks.

The ad manager is a complete ad exchange platform that makes buying and selling of ads across multiple ad networks and locations much easier. It enables advertisers to run their campaigns across a wider area by managing ads and ad space across multiple ad networks.

OpenX Logo

Open X

This is the world’s leading independent ad technology platform. It serves 300 billion ads monthly on more than 150,000 websites.

It is a system that can be used to manage and optimize advertising on one or more websites.

A Cloud-based exchange, OpenX uses state of the art data and identity technology to allow marketers to reach their target audiences.

Broadstreet Logo


This is an ad manager geared specifically for direct, digital ad sales, tailor made for local and regional newspapers, magazines, local news websites, trade journals, and other niche media.

Kevel Logo


Kevel offers the infrastructure for programming interfaces that enable publishers to quickly put together custom ad platforms for sponsored listings, internal promotions, native ads, and other advertising. The company says it is committed to helping publishers gain new revenue. And the company offers itself as an alternative to ad tech giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Amazon Sizmek

Amazon Sizmek Ad Suite

This is an ad server that works across multiple channels and is used to create, customize, administer and optimize advertising campaigns across a variety of devices. It has many different options for creating ads, as well as ad campaign management tools.

The ad server is available worldwide to advertisers and agencies running digital campaigns. It also has programming interfaces and data feeds for advertisers.

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