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From Advertising to the Subscription Departments

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 02/17/2021

It’s all connected.

The truly great thing about MagHub is how all of the services it offers are connected to each other. For example, MagHub manages an advertising lead through its entire lifecycle, from ad sales to billing and payment.

All of our functions are integrated with each other, front-end to back-end, in one seamless process, giving you an ease of use that makes advertising management and subscription management a piece of cake.

MagHub manages the subscribers and advertisers at a media publishing business.

Monitoring contacts and companies can seem like an impossible task. But with MagHub’s advertising CRM/ERP, you can record and follow all of the stages in the sales process, tracking all of the contacts made with prospects and customers. MagHub also enables you to track leads. You know when a lead is ready to become a customer (in fact if you want to manage your marketing in MagHub too, we offer a robust HubSpot integration).

Because everything is integrated, it is efficient: a graphic designer doing a layout, for example, can check if an ad design has been approved even if the sales rep isn’t available. Your people are not duplicating tasks already completed. And the more efficient you are, the more time you’ll have to sell advertising.

MagHub’s tools let you make ads that are specifically tailored to your magazine. You send job and work order requests through an internal ad ticketing system.

You also can create rate cards covering ad sizes, locations, and other parameters. No matter if the ads are digital or print, you can customize rate cards for them whether they are a small banner ad or a big multi-page spread. These rate cards will enable you to easily and quickly make orders and invoices for customers.

What’s more, MagHub’s integration with QuickBooks Online, Authorize.net, and other finance/accounting applications will help you with your financial record keeping. Say goodbye to outside tools and systems.

With MagHub, subscription management is also easy. Its subscription platform uses webforms to gather subscriber information. You can put these together without breaking a sweat, and there are plenty of ways for you to customize them. Also, our webforms enable you to use a number of different payment gateways, such as PayPal; and multiple other payment processors.

MagHub will create a universal template for you, but with a few HTML graphic commands, you can put your own finishing touches to them.

Subscription management for multiple publications.

Even if you have more than one publication with different rates and subscription packages, MagHub can handle it. Our system enables you to set up multiple publications effortlessly, each with its own rates, terms and schedules. If you want, you can set up multiple subscription packages for each publication.

MagHub also offers a subscriber center, where subscribers themselves can update contact information, give a subscription as a gift, and show whether they want to accept marketing emails; portals can be branded to match your publications as well.

And, as with each MagHub service, subscription management is connected to everything else in the system.

Moreover, all of your subscribers have a connection with you and your publications. There is an opportunity here to create another revenue stream in addition to creating a closer bond with your subscribers: ecommerce. The ecommerce module of MagHub’s ERP platform enables you to sell hard and soft goods, as well as tickets to events. Not to mention MagHub also offers Digital Media Slot Sales, allowing you to sell digital products such as newsletters, webinars, and podcasts. Plus, MagHub added a large Google Ad Manager integration in 2020, that streamlines your GAM processes, and reporting.

Pay freelancers/contractors easily…and quickly.

MagHub’s vendor and freelance management systems can make your life easier too. The freelance system pays freelancers at the same time employees are paid. It can monitor how much you spend on freelancers and rate the work they do.

The vendor management system can set up automatic payments to vendors; it can also be used for project management, without the need of setting up vendors as paid users in MagHub.

Departments speak with each other through one online web-based software platform.

MagHub not only is an advertising CRM, it’s also an enterprise resource planning platform that manages the entire publishing process. This means everyone has access to all aspects of the business, whether it’s advertising, sales, marketing, subscriptions, distribution, invoicing, or managing employees and contractors – they’re all connected on MagHub; with modules able to be enabled when needed.

And because everyone can see it all, everyone can be on the same page (however, you also have the ability to restrict permissions based on the user level, in case that’s what you’d like to do).

Let us show you all the great features MagHub has to offer. Contact us for more information or to set up a real-time demonstration.

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