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Importance of Data and Customers

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 11/20/2018

How well do you know your data? If so, you must know your customers pretty well, then, correct?

Say what!?


That’s right: media publishers can’t know their customers unless they embrace the data that’s just waiting for them to dig deep into. You may think your customers are 45-year-old women interested in frugality, but the actual real, truer-than-true data may say they’re aged 21 and looking to retire by the time they are 45.

Massive difference, no? And so your content will need to change to reflect it, otherwise you’ll lose subscribers/readers and advertisers (if you have them).

In fact, collecting data – and we’re talking highly detailed data – is absolutely critical to your bottom line because without data you’re marketing blindly, you’re probably creating content for your readers that’s way off base, and you don’t know where your potential subscribers/readers hang out online (allowing you to provide extreme marketing personalization to them), and so on.

In other words, you’re marketing by “guessing.” And that leads to lost and/or missed subscribers!

This is where our Data Warehouse (DW) tool can help you. Big time.

In a nutshell, the DW contains a sub-set of the data held within MagHub’s operational database and contains data regarding contacts, companies, sales (orders and line items), activities, invoice data, commission data, and general ledger info/data. What’s more, the DW contains dynamic attribute data and some ticket info, particularly those related to services and support tickets.


In fact, if you’re already a MagHub customer and aren’t using the DW, what – oh, what?! – are you waiting for! 

It doesn’t matter if your publication has millions of subscribers and dozens of employees or if you’re a “mom and pop” digital magazine with a few hundred subscribers, gathering data and looking at it is critical to your success. Detailed data reporting isn’t a “know-all-tell-all crystal ball,” but it comes pretty darn close.

Data helps you:

  • Make better business decisions.
  • Find new subscribers and keep them longer.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Gauge how different parameters (advertising sales, subscribers, unsubscribes, etc.) are moving.
  • And so on.

In regard to your sales, the Data Warehouse allows you to access data and create different reports based on what you’re searching for. Want to compare sales numbers among different publications? What about how many sales a certain account executive has made in the past month, past six months, past week? Did more people unsubscribe from your magazine after a certain issue? Does retention grow when certain topics are highlighted? Extreme data reporting such as that which can be captured in MagHub’s DW can help you see how your publication is doing, right down to who unsubscribed 30 minutes after your most recent issue hit.

Like all of MagHub’s components, our Data Warehouse integrates with numerous services such as QuickBooks, FirstData, MailChimp/Constant Contact, PayPal, social media channels, Authorize.Net, Dropbox, and more. It truly is (as we like to say) an end-to-end media publishing solution.

Fanboy love for the DW:


  • “An added plus for us with MagHub is the availability of their Data Warehouse which has opened the door to integration with other 3rd party tools.” (third review down.)
  • Data Warehouse gives “people the opportunity to directly query off the database right from their instance, without having to connect to a bunch of other things. …. [It] solves all problems. That’s the motto of the model around here.”

By the way, we offer free demonstrations of MagHub and its features, including the Data Warehouse.  We understand that most of us need to see before we believe, so contact us for more information and we’ll get right back with you!

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