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MagHub Feature Spotlight: Sales Management

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 03/12/2019

Let’s say your media publication has both a print and online component. Let’s further say that you’ve given permissions to your account executives to sell ads that go just in one publication and not the other. Here’s a question: how often has an online-only ad order appeared by mistake in a print publication? And is it because you’re using spreadsheets, and other hodgepodge tactics to manage your sales?

Naturally, you won’t charge you client for the additional ad, but…ouch for you! No doubt you’ve heard of sales management software created explicitly for media publications, but you may not have one yet, or you have one, but it doesn’t keep track of everything you want it to.

Magazine CRM software such as MagHub definitely can help you improve sales numbers and do away with inefficiencies – and does so whether you publish print-only, online-only, or both.

What’s more, investing in such software sooner rather than later is wise due to some trends in print marketing predicted for the near future:

1) The return of the print newsletter in corporate communications.

2) The rise of niche publications: a magazine CRM can help you finely tune ad sales between your different publishing properties.

3) Drill down into subscription data so that you can tailor messages and personalize editorial and ad content for your different publications.

4) And more.

MagHub’s Sales Management Tool


Imagine having a sales advertising tool that tracks ads and ensures that mistakes as described at the beginning of this post don’t happen. (After all, you lose valuable space – and money – placing an unwanted ad in a print publication.) A one-stop media publication CRM such as ours ensures your page designers know the ad goes here, but not there.

MagHub also helps with sales efficiency. The platform allows your account executives to place all information regarding a sale within the magazine CRM. It acts as a sales conduit, helping reps keep the sales process moving forward, from first contact; through first emails; to first meeting/presentation; to contract writing; to ad size, design and content; and more.

Once you’ve made the sale, you want to keep your new client as an advertiser. MagHub has an “app” for that (although, it’s not a true app; it’s completely integrated within the platform). Our CRM/ERP tool helps you streamline your client workflows and communications, making sure mistakes are kept to a minimum and clients are kept in the loop regarding deadlines, etc.

MagHub integrates with many of the top email marketing tools such as MailChimp and Constant Contact. Your sales reps – and/or your sales manager — can put together sales to-do lists, rating them according to priority. You also can integrate Google apps to tract activity, calls, responses, meeting reminders, etc.

Our sales management tool also makes selling fun: create sales contests among your account executives. Keep sales like a game as they compete against each other!

The online publishing world changes constantly in exciting yet sometimes frustrating ways. We know how exasperating advertising sales sometimes can be. Our MagHub sales management tool was made to help alleviate you sales problems as much as possible so that you can sell as many ads as possible.

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