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MagHub & HubSpot

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 01/08/2021

Publishers must market their publication. HubSpot is the marketing tool of all marketing tools.

Naturally, we think using MagHub – the cloud-based software solution that will manage your entire publication’s advertising sales, billing, subscriptions, flatplanning, and more – integrates  exceptionally well with MagHub.

In fact, our company, Aysling, is now a HubSpot Solutions Partner, which means we can help you onboard HubSpot and integrate easily with MagHub.

Whether you use MagHub or not, we can help you with HubSpot

Even if you don’t wish to use both MagHub and HubSpot, being a HubSpot partner means we can help you onboard and work out the glitches you may find as you onboard HubSpot for your publication’s marketing needs.  

We will integrate HubSpot based on your needs, doing so to only help your publication find the best leads possible for it and not in the hope you’ll purchase MagHub.

Yet the power of integrating MagHub/HubSpot together truly is incredible

Why? Publishers using MagHub to run their publication who also decide to integrate HubSpot into their tools arsenal means you’ll be creating and executing exceptionally effective inbound marketing strategies that absolutely nurture – and help close – highly targeted inbound leads.

HubSpot’s marketing tools allow you to create certain characteristic signals (also known as “qualifications”) as to when someone who interacts with your website has become a true lead. They may have, for example:

  • Downloaded a free report in exchange for their email address.
  • Called your office asking for more information.
  • Emailed one of your sales reps after meeting him or her at an event or after receiving a call.
  • And so on.

Once someone has been qualified by the parameters you delineated, the MagHub HubSpot integration immediately “moves” the lead over to MagHub, where the sales process begins.

This sales process – also created specifically for your needs – then helps your sales reps:

  • Call the prospect.
  • Send follow up emails after certain events (also created by you) such as downloading another free report, asking for a demo, etc.
  • Create advertising sales proposals and/or ad mockups.
  • Allow a new subscriber to pay an invoice.
  • And more.

MagHub also helps you manage your entire publication’s back office operations

Project managers can send assignments to freelance writers and graphic professionals. Editors can ask writers to redo an article. HR can pay freelancers and employees quickly and directly into their bank accounts. Advertisers can see ad proofs and approve them with digital signatures. Your AP/AR team members can send invoices and make bill payments.

At its core MagHub allows you to operate your media business/publication from the first time you reach out to a contact to ad design/layout and publication layout and production.

We’re publishing professionals ourselves with decades of experience in both digital and traditional  publishing. We also know a thing or two about sales (our publications would never have heard the rustle of print or have seen an online page unfolding before our eyes without sales).

In short, MagHub allows you to manage your entire publishing enterprise.

Integrate MagHub/HubSpot for full marketing and operations success

If you want to market your publication as best as you can, HubSpot really is the marketing tool you need. Its ROI is proven, with 70 percent of its users seeing an increase in their prospect to customer conversion rate.

We made sure that the MagHub HubSpot integration is an easy one so that our customers can reap the benefits of using what we truly consider to be the premier marketing platform available today.

Learn more about how we can help you with an a MagHub HubSpot integration.

MagHub features an advertising sales CRM, subscription manager, flatplanning system, and so much more.

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