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MagHub: More than the Best CRM for Publishers

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Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 06/25/2019

Magazine, ezine, newspaper, large blog publisher? Whether you publish offline or online, we’re going to say it right here: the best CRM for publishers is MagHub.

Most CRMs are used by sales departments. Which brings us to why MagHub is best: it can and should be used by all departments in your publishing empire: finance, admin, marketing, production, editorial, etc.

In other words, got a back office? Of course you do! MagHub to the rescue!

In a nutshell, our platform allows you to manage sales contacts, generate proposals (complete with the capacity to capture digital signatures), use its flat planning software for layout and production tasks, invoice vendors (and pay creditors), and even manage your different departments while on the go with its mobile app.

Let’s look at a few of your different publishing departments and how MagHub can help them specifically:

MagHub Flat Planning

Production: Digital Flat Planning Software

MagBuilder is our flat planning tool that helps you know when ad spaces are sold (and which ones), allows you to place ad and editorial elements visually, sync artwork automatically, place items with order notes, integrates with Adobe InDesign CC, and more.

Bottom line: MagBuilder pretty much combines your production and sales efforts into a drag-and-drop interface.


MagHug Reporting

Finance: Reports

What if your finance and administrative team members could look at forecasts in real time, in their own dashboards? Our finance reports tool allows users to see details regarding your publishing company’s income, expenses, distribution/subscription, production, and much more.

MagHub New Orders Sales: Order Management

The order approval process can be the stuff of bad dreams. Too often sales team members waste what feel like an infinite number of hours creating proposals that need third-party applications, as well as printing out physical copies.

But MagHub allows your sales reps to create orders quickly using templates you design and conform to your service and rate cards. What’s more, your clients can approve their orders online using digital signatures (at no extra cost). Orders can be entered, approved, paid, and implemented in our seamless, integrated platform.

MagHub Client Center

Operations: Client and Vendor Portals

Long gone are the days of your publishing company’s various departments – and even your customers/clients – manually entering orders, payments, invoices, payments, artwork, editorial content, and so on. Instead, give your employees and clients/vendors access to their personal MagHub portal. For clients, this means they can view their order history and approve new orders digitally, and make payments online. Let your employees upload articles and/or artwork without the need of emails getting lost.

Yes, MagHub is the best CRM for publishers because it’s more than “just” a CRM: it’s your back office genie, allowing sales, editorial, operations, and even customers manage their needs all in one place, seamlessly, virtually…and as close to instantaneous as possible today.

Contact us at  info@adorbit.com anytime. Or pick up you phone and call 844-696-2448 for more information. You also may contact us via our online form.

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