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Tom’s Tips Podcast: S2E4 – The Joker and the Dogs

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 04/08/2019

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Audio Transcript

Announcer: Hey everyone, welcome to Tom’s Tips Podcast! Your place for obscure movie references, cat facts, and everything MagHub related. And now, your host, MagHub product manager, Tom Bellen.

Tom Bellen: Hello, everyone. Welcome to The Tom’s Tips Podcast episode release 7.7. Today we’ll be going over the new exciting features in the 7.7 release that is coming out next week. I am joined here by Zach Gilbert, Marketing Director. Say hello, Zach.

Zach Gilbert: Hello Tom.

Tom Bellen: Also our kind of project planner, Maria Pataro, who is new to the company, just joining this year. Say hello to the pod listeners, Maria, please.

Maria Pataro: Hello pod listeners.

Tom Bellen: Perfect. Yeah, we’re all excited here. Maria joined us recently this year to sort of help us transition into setting up some of our projects for our longer term development cycles, which have been going out in terms of the things with the payables and some other exciting things that we have with the project module going on here.

Tom Bellen: We were just talking earlier that Maria is a dog person. Zach, I believe you’re also a dog person?

Maria Pataro: I am.

Tom Bellen: I am unfortunately a cat person right now, not because I want to be, but because I’m forced because my wife forced me to have cats and now I have to live with them. What kind of … Tell us about your dogs. Maria, what’s your dog like?

Maria Pataro: I have a three-year-old dog. He’s a rescue and he’s pretty goofy. He’s a Golden Retriever but black. He has long, furry hair and he’s just kind of a doofus. He does lots of silly things and doesn’t really care.

Tom Bellen: What’s the dog’s name?

Maria Pataro: His name is Mowgli, after The Jungle Book.

Tom Bellen: Oh, okay. Okay.

Maria Pataro: Yeah.

Tom Bellen: I was a Jungle Book fan. I once helped quickly type out someone’s book report for The Jungle Book ’cause they couldn’t type very quickly. I had to do that. Random sidebar, so that’s … Anyway-

Maria Pataro: That’s cool.

Tom Bellen: I’m a fast typer. Zach, do you have a dog?

Zach Gilbert: I do. His name is Willie. His birth name … He was an AKC grand champion before we owned him. So he has a-

Tom Bellen: What is that?

Zach Gilbert: AKC grand champion, so he’s a show dog.

Tom Bellen: He’s a show dog?

Zach Gilbert: Yeah, he has tons of awards, more than I ever could. I didn’t know this about him, but he’s in magazines and all this stuff. I did not know how famous he was, but people recognize him more than anyone else in the house. It’s really crazy. His name is Willie though, so we call him Willie. It’s like Willius Maximus the Fifth is what his real name is. So, yeah. But he’s a Havanese so he doesn’t shed. He’s very small, he doesn’t yip. He has a man dog bark so it worked out well.

Tom Bellen: So I’m sensing that Mowgli and Willie are not quite on the same level?

Maria Pataro: No. Mowgli is not well behaved, so he’s nothing like a show dog.

Zach Gilbert: Willie is kind of an ‘bleep’.

Tom Bellen: Now, well, I’d imagine. It’s kind of similar to a cat.

Zach Gilbert: Exactly.

Tom Bellen: He’s like a dog but with a cat personality. It must be the worst.

Zach Gilbert: But he likes attention though, so we’re good.

Tom Bellen: Okay. Now did something go wrong? Was there a controversy in the show world of why he got bumped out? Is this something that he …?

Zach Gilbert: So it’s an interesting fact. So Havanese, the breed, comes from Cuba, so 19 of them came to the United States and they started breeding from those 19, so they’re all from that genetic line. He was a purebred from that genetic line, so when they were breeding and since it is such a small genetic line, to prevent inbreeding he couldn’t breed anymore. So then they basically said, we have to get rid of him. He was actually my fiance’s aunt that gave him to us. She was trying to sell him and she had a few offers that were crazy high and she knew we were looking for a dog for our apartment so then she gave him to us.

Tom Bellen: The reason why he is no longer show dogging is to prevent inbreeding and all that good stuff.

Maria Pataro: Wow.

Tom Bellen: This is a really crazy story, but it is cool.

Tom Bellen: That is amazing and again, maybe one day I will have a dog. I’ve told my wife that we can get a dog when the cats are gone or she stops working nights because she works nights. So as long as those two things happen, then we can get a dog.

Tom Bellen: But you know what isn’t a dog? This 7.7 release. There it is. It’s another great transition into talking about that. It’s a release that’s coming out here. We’ve got a lot of exciting new features in here. One of the ones that we’re releasing in beta starting the early of next week is our InDesign plug in so that is going to allow you to connect InDesign to Creative Cloud 19, 18 and 17. I had someone ask me the other day if we had an integration with Cork, we do not. But we will start with InDesign and go from there. So we can do that. You can do things like upload the pdfs of our InDesign file right to MagHub directly, you can send out things on Terra Sheets, you can upload assets to tickets directly from it and also drag assets into InDesign. So again, increasing that communication between the two platforms.

Tom Bellen: We’ve also continued rolling out changes to our payables module so that is going to include updates to be able to create vendor types. Also we’re working on changing vendor contact types. That’ll be coming out in future releases. We’ll also updated how we’re going to be able to match your invoices for payables so you can make sure that you can approve that invoice and that it’s right and everything’s good. That’s all leading to what we’ll be able to do soon with updates in Vendor Center for our tracking as well as payments out to the system. Again, we’re hoping to have that done over the summer. Maria will keep us on task to be able to do that.

Tom Bellen: We’ve also made a couple of changes the ordering system, again, as we continue to flesh out the new order mechanisms based on feedback and fix all those little odds and ends, being able to now create digital artwork content so you can even better segment how your reminders will go out from the system and kind of playing with some of the things that we did with the reminders from a few releases ago so we’re giving you even more power over that. We updated how we can prorate some of those digital impressions as well. So a lot of fun and exciting things there.

Tom Bellen: And more changes to the storefront. We’ve updated the checkout page. We’ve added subscriptions to the storefront, doing gifts with subscriptions to the storefront. So right now in the system, you could create a link to an add or a product you want to sell and add it to a drip campaign, send that out and get the order directly in the system. You don’t have to do anything but press the button to send the email.

Tom Bellen: So those are some of the main items that we’ve added, again, into this release along with the usual fixes, some improvements along the way. Again, we are excited about getting up to this next release here to start the year with more changes as I said, to payables and more things going out with E-commerce. We have a very exciting integration coming out next release, so be on the lookout for that.

Tom Bellen: One of the things that we also did was with the April Fool’s joke was release our two factor authentication. Hopefully everyone enjoyed our 10 factor authentication video and didn’t think that that was true. Last time we did that, we did a grunt feature thing where you grunted at the computer. We did it as an April Fool’s joke and people actually thought … Some people thought that was a real thing where you could grunt and the computer would understand that when you do it, but nothing like that this time.

Tom Bellen: So Maria, Zach, any favorite features of the 7.7? Things you thought, “That was cool, Tom,”?

Maria Pataro: The gift with purchase was very cool. Yeah. I set up in my test site a subscription to [Pawnee 00:07:24] Monthly and if you subscribe for a year, you can get a hard hat. So enjoy Leslie and her park clean up crew.

Tom Bellen: Oh, there we go. Awesome.

Zach Gilbert: Solid.

Tom Bellen: Zach? How about you? Anything?

Zach Gilbert: So the two factor is a nice feature. I like that.

Tom Bellen: So you liked that? Why? No one likes two factor authentication. It’s a very useful but nobody likes it so why do you like it?

Zach Gilbert: Because it’s useful. It’s a cool step in a, I think, a good direction.

Tom Bellen: Why? Because now we have text messaging support?

Zach Gilbert: Well, that’s a nice feature. I’m looking forward to the next integration of ours.

Tom Bellen: The next integration?

Zach Gilbert: That we’re not telling people apparently.

Tom Bellen: Not telling them quite yet?

Zach Gilbert: Yep.

Tom Bellen: We don’t want to zap anything into their minds. I don’t want to blow it. Anyway, coming soon. So anyway, along with that, now it’s time for our cat facts and the movie trivia.

Tom Bellen: So the cat fact today, because I think Zach really wants me to be quiet is, did you know that domestic cats make a lot of noises? Obviously there’s hissing and meow, things like that, but it’s really because of their interactions with humans. That’s why they do it because they’re annoying and they want to bother you. But if a feral cat is basically silent, basically silent. They’re hunters. They need to be quiet. But yeah, domestic cats make all those sounds just to annoy us and they hate us and it’s for attacking us. Feral cats, quiet.

Zach Gilbert: How do you know this? I’m just curious.

Tom Bellen: Why? Because I-

Zach Gilbert: And how?

Tom Bellen: How do I know it?

Zach Gilbert: Yeah.

Tom Bellen: Well, because I waste a lot of my life going on the internet and looking up things and doing stuff like that.

Zach Gilbert: Gotcha. I just wondered if you were just-

Tom Bellen: I watch documentaries from time to time.

Zach Gilbert: Gotcha.

Tom Bellen: And for whatever reason, if it’s a useless thing that provides no value until you somehow get this silly podcast that your company wants you to do, then it sticks in my mind. If it was a useful then it just travels out the window. So useless facts, come to me for. I think one day I really should try and go onto Jeopardy! but I always fail on the history and poetry sections. I can be very hit or miss on Jeopardy!. It depends on the categories.

Tom Bellen: But was far as the movie trivia thing is the other day they released the new Joker trailer. Did anyone see that?

Zach Gilbert: I did.

Tom Bellen: Did you see that Maria?

Maria Pataro: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Tom Bellen: So I’m kind of excited for it because Joachim Phoenix freaks me out so I think he’s a good choice for that. But it’s produced, I believe, by Martin Scorsese. A lot of people believe that it’s actually connected to a very famous Martin Scorsese film that starred Robert DeNiro and Jerry Lewis which is called, “The King of Comedy”. So I’ll say that part of it. What is the name of the character from “King of Comedy”, played by Robert DeNiro, who actually people think is kind of tied to this Joker? They actually think they’re kind of one and the same. There’s a lot of theories about that of how that’s all going together. So if you can name the character that Robert DeNiro played in “The King of Comedy”, which is a lot of tying into the upcoming Joker movie, tweet that to @maghub to get your prize.

Tom Bellen: With that, is there any other closing …? Maria, first time on the podcast. How was your experience?

Maria Pataro: It was a great experience, yep. I had a good time.

Tom Bellen: She has to say that. She’s paid by us. And Zach, again, thank you as always for that. So any closing comments, things you want to bring up, Zach? Have we got anything going on exciting?

Zach Gilbert: As always, the MagHub forum is approaching, so there are some savings that you can go on MagHub.com to see and that’s pretty much it.

Tom Bellen: Alright. Well thank you very much for listening and everyone have a great April.


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