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Get Order Approval by Including a Simple Link

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Written by Chaturi Wijesundera

Published: 10/06/2015

Your system now allows your clients to approve orders online without having to log into the Client Center. The order will need to be in the client approval stage for this feature to work.

Using the email templates (Administration> Templates> Email Templates), you can include a link that your clients can use to approve the order. You will want to make sure to add this to the general orders template if desired.

The example below shows some simple verbiage that you can add in the template for what the customer would see when they receive an email from this template:

Fill out the form included on the bottom of the contract, include any notes you would like, and sign with your mouse to approve the order.

You can also get clients’ signatures through the MagHub mobile app. Learn more about it here.

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