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Digital ads play a big role in holiday shopping this year

Written by Nick Pataro

Published: 12/03/2014

About a month ago, we published a blog about trends for the seasonal advertiser. Our prediction was that the trend for consumers was headed for digital purchasing. The hypotheses were right on point as the trend continues with a drop of 6.4% for in-store, thanksgiving weekend sales. Alone this data tells us that people are spending less on Black Friday. Paired with The Washington Post’s recent article titled: A Solid Sales Lift From Cyber Monday, According to Early Data, we can now see the reason for the 6.4% drop.

Between reports from IBM and Adobe, consumers have increased their spending online by 8-16%, respectively. These data sets have also shown us that consumers don’t necessarily wait until “Cyber Monday” to do their online shopping. Retailers are now offering deals throughout the month of November, which could dissipate the wave of buying on Cyber Monday. Tablet sales are also on the rise by approximately 27% compared to last year.

For the retail industry, the only constant seems to be the constant of change. As a publisher, depending on your focus, the majority of your advertisers are probably retailers. These businesses need site traffic to make the most of their cyber spending consumers. Help your advertisers, by sending potential consumers their way, with professional digital ads. The right tools have never been more crucial to making the sale.

Don’t worry about managing your new seasonal ad sales because digital ad sales thrive within MagHub. From returning customers to brand new prospects, MagHub streamlines your sales workflow. When entering new contacts, MagHub makes sure you’re not double entering information by using a similarity index. We provide comprehensive activity lists to make sure a customer never gets inundated with calls or e-mails. When you know where you’ve been, it makes moving forward that much easier with automatically prompted follow-up actions like assigning a to-do or setting up an appointment. All of these tools and more help you stay on top of all of your new and old customers to maximize the selling potential of your reps.

Visit our main site for more information and to request a demo of how MagHub can help you win more digital ad sales.

POSTED BY Nick Pataro, to contact click here.

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