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One way to successfully transition from print to digital

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Written by Nick Pataro

Published: 11/25/2014

Why do digital magazine replicas only get about 7% of readership?  Because of the way the world is beginning to view content, the biggest challenge for publishers today is making the transition from print to digital.  While print may never go completely out of style it’s readership is dropping and not being met by digital replicas.  Where’s the disconnect?

Something happens to content as it changes between viewing platforms. A digital edition might be great for a computer, but pinching to zoom and scrolling is time-consuming and clunky.  Reading a replica on an iPhone might be one of the last things I’d like to do today, and I don’t think that I’m alone. Advertisers will, if they haven’t already, take notice of this trend and it’s our job as publishers to find solutions to this readership issue.

GTxcel is a great example of a company that’s bridging the gap between publishers and readers. Their area of expertise: tablet and smart phone optimization. They’re using techniques that involve content creators uploading several static assets for each advertisement. These assets are used by their Image Swap Turnstyle Template, which optimizes the resulting advertisement on multiple screen sizes.

This and other techniques make it easier for advertisers to see value in digital ads by making the content easier to read. GTxcel boasts drastic increases in readership and profit from almost all of their clients. It is tools like this that are changing the game of digital magazine publications. Say goodbye to the days of 7% readership.

Other than integrating with tools like GTxcel, MagHub doesn’t try to be something that we’re not. While we could spend a lot of time developing and creating an occasionally useful solution within MagBuilder, we’ll stick to our basic flipbook and let the pros at GTxcel take care of the rest. We’ll stick to what we do best: improving customer relations, managing advertising sales, and providing detailed reports on all aspects of your business.

Reach out and see how MagHub can help you drive your advertising sales, and boost your business.

POSTED BY Nick Pataro, to contact click here.

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