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Thirty Second Thursdays – Talk To The Right People

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Written by Nick Pataro

Published: 06/27/2019

MagHub Dynamic Search = Profitable Conversations
CRM Tips by Director of Sales, Nick Pataro

Salespeople like to talk. No doubt about it. The challenge arises when your sales team isn’t talking to the right people at the right time. With MagHub’s Dynamic Search functionality you can give your sales team automatically-updated and qualified contact lists. Your sales team will be doing what they’ve always done, but now, they’ll be talking to the right buyers at the right time and closing more deals because of it.

Excellent Thirty Second Thursdays Tip from our Director of Sales, Nick Pataro. As a daily user of the system, Nick has an abundance of CRM tips and tricks to get your sales team the results that they are searching for. Are you interested in streamlining your advertising sales, and would like a one-on-one demo with our sales team? We’d love to chat with you. Click the following link to schedule some time to chat with one of our Account Executives today!

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