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Why Mobile Devices Matter in Sales

Written by Nick Pataro

Published: 11/19/2014

Mobile devices are always touting a better, faster, more applicable user experience than their pen and paper counterparts, but is this actually the case?

Beta News recently reviewed a study that showed an 11% increase from last year to this year in people who believed mobile technology actually made their lives more complicated. Seemingly more people are using mobile technology and more people are finding that they aren’t enjoying the largest mobile sales software.

Understandably, software designed originally for desktop use is going to have a tough time transferring to mobile application. By simultaneously designing the desktop and mobile software, MagHub offers the capability of a robust desktop juggernaut paired seamlessly with a mobile companion. With functions like the digital signature capture, your sales team can get back to selling with nothing more than their wits and MagHub in their pocket.

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